Connect with your friends, family and the world around you. The Emergency Alternative for Quebecers.
Get in touch with your family, friends or the world around you. Works great on your mobile with Messager (Chat Call-Audio). (Use Google Chrome it works best) For Instructional Videos: You can search with these words: Réseau Magickey Magickey Network…. If you have any problems write to us:
Share your important moments in life with those you love. In video (soon), photo albums and lots of new options in constant development for Quebecers. OFFCIAL OPENING SCHEDULED Tuesday October 12, 2021. In the meantime INVITE as many people as possible to open their accounts BEFORE BLACKOUT ...
Discover new people, make new relationships and make new friends. Create Groups, PRO pages, events, Phone calls with the Messenger system ... Videos and music and much more are already in operation. Advertising module (Ads) for your business or independent work. Without limits or almost, and without censorship.
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